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August- Monthly Activity Report

Candle Decoration Activity -

Students of Std – VI were introduced to the Candle decoration activity. The guest lecturer Mrs. Rupali Arsud taught students the art of decorating Candle. Students made beautiful wax flowers and decorated the candle.

Kathak Workshop -

Students of Std – V, VI & VI attended Kathak Workshop conducted by Komal Kulkarni, the dance teacher of our school. She introduced students with Lok Nutrya, Paran, Tode, & Kavitya was also introduced and taught to the students.

Clay Work -

Children enjoy playing with clay. It takes them near the nature and builds relation with mother earth. To make students nature friendly, school organized Clay Workshop for the students of Std - I to IV. Students made beautiful models of such as Butterfly, Tortoise, Fruits from the dough as well as clay.

Painting Workshop -

Students of Std - IX & X attended the workshop of types of painting. Basics of drawing were taught in the workshop. The main focus was pattern drawing and Sketching. Students were very eager to learn paintings and came up with beautiful drawings. The posters made were also displayed on the School Bulletin Board.

Cooking Without Fire -

Food is the basic need of human being and it should be nutritious for the health. To inculcate good eating habits and spread awareness of nutritious food, school organized workshop on Cooking Without fire for the students of Std - VI to X in two separate sessions. The Guest Sunanda Sakhdev was invited for the workshop. Students learnt basic recipes – Sabudana Khichadi, Sabudana wada, laddu, Poha, Sweets, Juice, Ice cream etc without using gas stove. The guest also gave simple tips on diet, yoga, eating habits etc. Students enjoyed all the recipes and had great fun.

Painting Workshop -

The workshop was conducted for the students of Std - III & IV by the resource person Mrs. Meena Patankar. She interacted with students andtaught them art of painting on Book Cover, Water Bottle, Lunch Box, Bags etc.

Review of Film -

Movie reviews involve the analysis of events that happened in a documentary or regular film. Reviews test writing and vocabulary skills, adapting to different genres and events they portray, and capacity to sum up some major work and report it in a cohesive, logical, and interesting manner. Students were shown a short Movie ‘Gattu’. Students watched the movie and summarize the characters and the events they liked

or disliked.

Tie & Dye Workshop -

Students of Std - IX & X (Girls) attended workshop of Tie and Dye. Students learnt how to dye clothes and made beautiful Handkerchiefs in the workshop.

Glass Painting -

Students of Std - IX & X (Boys) attended the workshop of Glass

Painting. They artistically painted glasses and showed their talents.

Culinary Activity -

Culinary arts helps to expand our horizons in many ways. It will help students to seek a career in food industry. It also gives a deeper appreciation for food as culture, food as art, health and more. It helps to encourage healthy life style. From this point of view, students of Std - VII & VIII were taught few recipes like making Frankie, Cake, Atta Biscuits which can be made easily at home with healthy stuffing. This will surely turn

our students towards healthy diet that is free from street food.

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