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Monthly Activity- January 2021

Home Remedies Club Activity: Jeera Water

The Students made Jeera Water in the Home Remedy Club.  It is very cooling and is

an ideal drink Apart from cooling properties Jeera Water is also used as an appetizer.

Students used the ingredients such as cumin seeds , mint ,rock salt ,lemon and water.

Jeera Water will surely help students to soothe themselves from the upcoming

scorching summer.

Culinary Club Activity: Swiss Rolls

Children like sweets a lot. Along with some healthy recipes, students were also taught

to make mouthwatering recipe of Swiss Roll. The main ingredient of Swiss Rolls are

Parle biscuits and milk powder. Sports Club Activity: One Minute Games

Children love to spend their free time playing games with their friends. However,

children have a short attention span, and can quickly lose interest in a particular

game, after they have played it for a while by keeping this in mind, the teachers

taught interesting one minute games in the Sports Club. It helps to engage

children for longer time and challenge them physically and mentally.

Canvas Club Activity: Thread Painting

Thread painting is the easiest method by which one can pant free hand drawing.

Students of Class - I created wonderful patterns of Thread Painting with the help of


Gardening Club Activity: Growing Micro Greens

Micro greens are little seedlings of edible plants that are often used to add color and

flavor to meals. They are rich in nutrients and provide vitamins, minerals,

and fibers. Micro greens contain similar and often greater amounts of these

nutrients than mature greens. Students grow micro greens of Fenugreek, Chick peas,

Moong, Rajma, Wheat etc. under the supervision of teachers. Value Education Club Activity: Respect The value _ Respect was taken in two parts. In the month of January the value –

Respect was continued with the other activities.

Craft Club Activity Cotton Mask

In this Pandemic situation of Covid , teachers taught students to make mask. The

material used – cloth, elastic and thread. This willsurely create awareness of wearing

mask among the students.

Melody Club:

Raga Khamaj

Raga Khamaj was taught in the Melody Club. Khamaj is a Hindustani

classical raga within the Khamaj that. Many ghazals and thumris are

based on Khamaj.

Geography Club Activity:

Elements of Map

The activity of making models of elements of map was conducted for the

students of Geography Club which will develop interest in the subject.

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