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September- Monthly Activity Report

3rd Sept- Perimeter & Area Workshop

Perimeter and Area Workshop was conducted for the students of IV to VII. In this workshop

students learn the how to calculate perimeter and area of regular and irregular objects.

4th Sept- Teachers’ Day Celebration

Teacher's Day was celebrated on 4 th Sept. as the next day- 5 th Sept. students of Std- VI

to X were shown a movie ‘Mission Mangal’.

Students Teachers conducted classes in the last four periods. A short program for teachers was organized by the students of Std- X in which they felicitated teachers and had a performance. The program was ended with a brunch provided by the students.

5th Sept- Educational Film Review

The students of Std- VI to x were taken to show the educational movie "Mission Mangal" . The movie was based on science and technology that impart the message that impossible mission is possible only through hard efforts . In this movie it was shown that ladies can think out of the way and can handle the responsibility equally like men.

6th Sept – Passing Out Parade Ceremony

Students of Std. IX & X attended Passing Out Parade Ceremony at Artillery Center. It was really a spectacular moment to witness the parade.

9th July-Workshop on Graph

Workshop on Graph was conducted for the students of Std- IV to VI. Students were introduced to graph and its application. Students solved numerous examples and enjoyed the session very well.

10th Sept- Animal Yoga Activity

Health is very important for everyone. To inculcate healthy habit in students, school conducted a workshop on yoga for the students of Std- I to IV-Animal Yoga. Various types of yoga were taught to the students by teachers.

10th Sept- Sunday Science

A workshop for the Students of V to X was conducted By Mr.& Mrs. Chaitali Nerkar. Various demonstrations based on science like propagation of sound, effects of pressure, power of friction, slime, Canal Blast, giant toothpaste etc. were shown to the students. Students learned the activities with great fun.

10th Sept- Hands on Activity

In the month of Science and Maths, students learnt various activities, one of which was the hands on activities. Mr. and Mrs. Chaitali Nerkar conducted workshop for the students of Std. VIII. They learnt projects based on electric circuit.

11th Sept- Terrarium Activity

An activity – Terrarium was conducted for the Students of Std- VII. Terrarium is a closed

environment where one can grow plant in the indoor glass Jar. The plants are selected in such a way that they require less water and space for growth. The Terrarium can be show cased as decorative piece or can also be gifted to the friends. Students performed the activity under the guidance of their teacher.

11th Sept - Shadow Activity

The activity was conducted for the students of Std- I to VI. Teachers showed them videos on

how shadows are formed, its characteristics. They also demonstrated the shadow activity.

Children enjoyed the activity very well.

14th Sept- workshop on Mathematics

Workshop on Mathematics was organized for the students of Std. IX& X. The well-known Mathematician Mr. Dilip Gotkhindikar was the resource person for the same. He taught the geometrical concept in a play way method so as it was easily understood by the students.

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